Greetings! Welcome to my new website, Living in Coherence. Coherence is Consciousness. I began to study and write this material a few weeks after Barack Obama left office. The work I had done for ten years prior was working as a full time political activist advocating for a political solution to Full Galactic Disclosure. I was a radio host with my program called Galactic RoundTable for 5 years, several nights a week. I presented solely about Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Issue. It was expected the President of the United States with a few members of the Pentagon with evidentiary proof would come together to do Disclosure. I attended the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. April 29 - May 3, 2013. I was there all five days and saw 43 witnesses give testimony over 30 hours to 6 former Members of Congress. Some of the most compelling evidence presented by witnesses, though there were many others, were the testimony by Oscar Santa Maria Huertas, former Commander of the Peruvian Air Force and Frederick Torres, recounting his Father's testimony, Milton Torres. Both of them spoke about Advanced Aerial Attacks experienced by these two Fighter Pilots. The work I did as an advocate for ending the Truth Embargo was dedicated to the witnesses who came forward to share their stories of their engagement with Extraterrestrial phenomenology, on the job. This includes witnesses who worked at nuclear facilities that had the nuclear warheads turned off by ET Craft flying overhead. Before this I worked first as a Structural Steel Detailer in 1990 working on AutoCad and afterwards had an almost 20 year career as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse working in Cardiology, NeuroTrauma and Solid Organ Transplant. I also studied ancient cultures in college and my first trip to Egypt was in 1989. I have since traveled to many sacred sites.

Part of my work during this 10 year period was leading a social media project where I founded a Facebook Group called Disclosure Lobby. This was in support of a project called the Congressional Hearings Initiative by registered Lobbyist for the Extraterrestrial Issue, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group and PRG International, Stephen Bassett. Members of Disclosure Lobby got together and did Tweet Stroms and Tweet Spikes. We targeted members of the United States Congress and Political Media in print, web and TV broadcasting. We kept the hashtag identifier #Disclosure in our Tweets. We measured by use of websites designed to track this, every 24 hour period and kept a tally. Disclosure Lobby group and friends sent over 4 million Tweets with the #Disclosure hashtag during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. We focused our effort on exposing the importance of the Rockefeller Initiative, a 3 year Initiative between the Clinton White House and Laurance Rockefeller, 1993 - 1996. We have from the Clinton Library about 1000 pages of documents showing Hillary Clinton's involvement with 32 key principles working on the Rockefeller Initiative to announce Full Galactic Disclosure with Bill Clinton as the intended Disclosure President. We expected President Obama would be the Disclosure President before he left office. As it turned out the Disclosure Lobby effort resulted in 100s of print articles in major News Media in multiple languages around the world. We came very close to Disclosure in 2016.

A few weeks after Trump went into office I travelled to Ashland, Oregon to the Architects of the New Paradigm annual conference. There I met for the first time, Nassim Haramein. He is the Director of Research for the Hawaiian Institute of Unified Physics, the Executive Director of Research and Development for Torus Tech and Founder of the Resonance Project and Resonance Academy. He is a preeminent Physicist and has solved Einstein's Field Equations. He also produced the feature film, The Connected Universe. I had been aware of Haramein’s work for ten years and was tuned into how he weaves information of the Sun Gods into his presentations. I have written more than a dozen books on Sacred Texts, the Advanced Galactic Civilizations and our Extraterrestrial Origins. I also wrote StarGate Earth detailing information about artificial and natural StarGates. Of course I was blown away by the work of Nassim Haramein and before I reached home that weekend I had joined Resonance Academy. It took me about 2 1/2 weeks to become a Delegate at Resonance Academy by finishing the 6 Modules about thinking differently, a connected worldview and Unified Physics.

When I worked as an advocated for the Extraterrestrial Issue I also had a website called Cosmic Ascension. There we explored practices working toward Ascension including Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Yoga, and reading Ancient Texts about our Galactic Heritage. I have researched, presented and written much on this topic. I noticed that people interested in these things typically have little science background and commonly held incomplete notions about some of the oldest practices on the Planet which were founded in science. Yogis are scientists first and foremost. I began Meditating at age 16 and studied many years with a Teacher from India about the deep mystical meanings inside the Vedas. Many of the witnesses and researchers involved with the Extraterrestrial Issue I encountered over the years were scientists who little had a spiritual life. I saw the benefit of integrating the two worlds and that lead to establishing this website, Living in Coherence. The goal of the website is to feature Haramein’s body of work and with my background, present material around Unified Physics and gaining our Siddhas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I intend this website be enjoyed by a wide audience and it help open realms you did not know were there. - Elizabeth Trutwin, 11/11/2017




The Delegate Program: Exploring the Connected Universe is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the field of unified physics. This course explores core concepts of the holographic perspective and unified field model; current and emerging views in physics, historical roots of modern physics; and the critical shift in worldview that unified physics advances, both in consciousness and technical innovation.






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