COSMIC ASCENSION

That is Torus flow. That is how we lift-off from Planet Earth. Cosmic Ascension." -- Elizabeth Trutwin.

The Feedback Loop of the Vacuum is the most import attestation spiritually minded people have to enhance their Inner Work regarding meditation, setting intensions, manifestation and going out of body. By applying the information we know about the Feedback Loop from Unified Physics, we open the door to the most impactful fundamental tool on the tool belt for Ascension. Ascension is defined as getting off Planet, either in the Merkaba body or by controlling Gravity. The Feedback Loop is the basis for achieving Enlightenment.

Everything in the Field is in the Feedback Loop of Conscious Self Awareness.

Our Universe is made up of systemic fractal and infinite Black Holes. There are billions of Black Holes everywhere. Spiritual minds have to connect by going inside to find infinite information. Anything you may want to have guidance about or understand more deeply can be found by tapping into the Feedback Loop at Singularity. All protons are entangled through the Vacuum structure and therefore infinite information is available. The Feedback Loop is the Unified Physics of why Everything is One.

Everything in our Universe both radiates and contracts at the same time. Think of the example of breathing. When we breath in our lungs radiate and when we exhale our lungs contract. As they do this continuously, without effort on our part, it is an example of a natural recursive Feedback Loop. In the bigger picture of the Vacuum we can describe Gravity as being a part of the Flow of the Vacuum. It is the strongest force which holds to the center All That Is. As we go to center in any Singularity, examples are going to the center of your heart, the center of Earth or the center of our Sun, you see in the Feedback Loop of the toroidal field as we go into Singularity we have gravity pulling us into the infinity at the center point and then as the information is carried back out as a relay, it organizes and expands again in an electromagnetic field. They play opposite of each other in an infinitely spinning and curling Feedback Loop which is also a fractal structure.

The Feedback Loop of the Human Heart.

Inside the Feedback Loop we are spinning, contracting inward as a Formless Form and outward as the radiative and physical Form Human that we are. We can map the Structure of Consciousness within this Formless and Form oscillation. We do this by mapping the information network going out and going back in. Map the Structure of Consciousness within the Structure of the Vacuum. Self Awareness comes to us from the Feedback Loop and Self Awareness is Consciousness.

We receive guidance in meditation on how to intend and manifest our world.

The Structure of the Vacuum creates the reality of our Physical World. As we describe these internal and external infinities as the Feedback Loop, you find your Self in the middle. Imagine all of the trillions and trillions of Planck Plasma Spheres which make up your atoms and cells and body, spinning at the Speed of Light (represented by c, as in E=mc2). Half of your entire life your physical Form Body exists in 3D and half of your entire life you are Formless in the Vacuum. Einstein called this Ether. Our Etheric Body is our Formless Form. As our Planck's spin in an out of reality it is happening instantaneously and infinitely. That is how fast we are processing information in the Feedback Loop. It is this process which works to keep our Body at equilibrium with all of the supernatural checks and balances involved with digesting food, thinking a thought or thrusting our foot out to walk. It is this Feedback Loop which gives us information developing the so called psychic part of our lives. The more we go into Singularity in meditation, the more practiced we are at tuning into this infinite information in the Vacuum.

In order to have visualizations in meditation which are tapping directly into the Feedback Loop of infinite information, let’s review the Unified Physics model of the Multiverse. Universes are fractal in nature and embedded in each other.

Universes are fractal and embedded in one another going to infinity.

When we see the fractal of the Helical model of our Solar System we see the Earth spinning around the Sun and the Sun Spinning around the Milky Way Galaxy. The Galaxy is moving through the Cluster of Galaxies and the Cluster is moving through, in a fractal Nature, the Super Cluster and that is moving through our Universe Nebadon and we have Universes within Universes. As these Bodies are spiraling and spinning within the fractal eventually everything in our Universe is traveling at the Speed of Light. As we place our feet on Spaceship Earth we are traveling at the Speed of Light standing still.

Helical model of our Solar System.

Utilizing the Feedback Loop is how to grow your Consciousness. It is how to stand within your Infinite Power as opposed to intellectualizing your emotions.  Through quietness, through serenity in Nature and meditation we enter a silence and a desolateness. It is here where ego dies. This usually results in your local mind thinking it too is dying. This is the part of our lives where we experience traumas and this shows us our reality. In this process we come into Coherence with our Transcendental Self. Coherence is Consciousness. This process is a Universal Truth for all Beings everywhere in our Universe. It is the Path to Enlightenment. It is not for the weak hearted. It requires a sort of meekness to the contractive side and strength to the radiative side of our Nature. It is here where we Ascend.

Ascend within the Merkaba Field through Meditation.



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Earth is a garden to enjoy. It is time we learn to FLY. Ascend!   I

Hermes Trismegistus is identified as Idris, the infallible Prophet who traveled to outer space from Egypt, and to heaven, whence he brought back Adam and the Black Stone when he landed on Earth in India.












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