"Light does not travel, it spins" -- Elizabeth Trutwin

Matter is a result of a Field. Matter is merely fluctuations in the Quantum Vacuum. What it looks like is Conscious Spinning Light randomly popping into existence and disappearing again. Einstein got the Nobel Prize for contributing to the start of Quantum Theory with his work on the Photo Electric Effect which spoke about little packets of Light Energy. He did not win an award for Relativity. The Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation is the name of the Field of Matter making up all things which was discovered 100 years ago. What is the wavelength they go to? They go to Infinity. There is an infinite amount of packets of Light Energy in the Structure of Space everywhere.  

These Light Energy Fluctuations are called Planck Plasma Spheres (PSU). The pixel size of the Planck length for our Universe is the time it takes a Photon to cross it’s length while spinning at the Speed of Light. This is a very high fluctuation. It is so small if the Planck changed from it’s small size to the size of one grain of sand, compared to the size of a Proton, it would be the distance from the Sun to Alpha Centauri, about 40 trillion kilometers. The Planck is Billions of times smaller than a Proton or about 20 orders of magnitude smaller. The amount of information inside the Proton relative to on the surface of the Proton is the exact Mass of the Proton. The amount of information able to escape the Proton is what we call Mass because the Proton makes up the Mass of the material world we see. We are looking at Energy moving through the Feedback Loop. You can interchange Mass for Energy. This has been confirmed by experiments. When we can understand the source of Mass, we can control Mass and Gravity. There is the Mass of the Universe inside each Proton because there is continual equilibrium. The Proton has all the information of all the Protons in the Universe inside of it. The Connected Holographic Universe. We are connected to everything else through all the Protons which make up everything, everywhere.

Planck Spherical Units (PSU) Little Packets of Light Energy In A Field Going To Infinity. They are a Billion times smaller than the Proton.

The Proton is in equilibrium which is extremely stable because the Mass of the Universe is both inside the Proton and outside the Proton. It’s like a fish swimming in water. Mass and Energy is the result of information flowing in and flowing out of the Field. All the information is organizing in the Space as Consciousness. Consciousness is just the flow of Feedback between the Field and You. Your Consciousness is entangled with all information in the Field. You are participating in a Morphogenic Field in the Universe. Remote viewing is simply pulling out information from the Field which you are entangled with. You have access to all information everywhere.

Engaging the Feedback Loop with Technology as an extension of ourselves.

We know in the Human Body all biological life is an electromagnetic process on all scales; molecular, cellular and general Body systems. We see these manifest as electric activity of neurons, electric and magnetic fields of the heart, brain and muscles as well as the transcription of the genetic code in cellular DNA and RNA and all biochemical reactions. All atoms in all states continuously experience random fluctuations in position and momentum. Everything is spinning all of the time. What it looks like is Conscious Spinning Light Matter randomly popping into existence and disappearing again. There is light in this world we can see and light we cannot see with our eyes. We are only seeing 1/10 Billionth of information that is spinning. Everything is Light. Everything is Matter. Everything is Energy. Everything is Consciousness as Consciousness is spinning.

Extraterrestrial Intelligent species may have founded Life on Earth. This was put forward by Scientists Watson-Crick who decoded how DNA is transcribed and read. A Paper was written by these Chemists about how Life on Earth may have been engineered by an intelligent civilization and implanted on Earth. (Taken from comments by William Brown, Resonance Science Foundation resident biophysicist).

Life on Earth may have been engineered by an intelligent civilization and implanted on Earth.

Plasma is an Atom which has lost it’s electrons. It is sometimes referred to an ionized gas. An Atom which has no electrons. Plasma is almost everywhere. At least ninety-nine percent of the known Universe is Matter in its Plasma state. Plasma on Earth acts differently than Plasma in Outer Space. Because Plasma remains electrically charged in Space, meaning when in Space it does carry electrons,  it is influenced more by electromagnetic forces than Gravity. Space is filled with Planck Plasma Spheres. These are the smallest natural unit of Light and they make up everything. Our Body has 100 trillion cells and within one cell 100 trillion Protons and within one Proton there are  trillions of Planck Plasma Spheres. Vast flows of subatomic Planck Spherical Units (PSU) have been discovered spanning hundreds-of-thousands of light years across Interstellar Space. A PSU spinning into the Feedback Loop and out of the Feedback Loop as a conductor of Energy is both what enlivens our Body and holds Conscious Awareness. Self Awareness is Consciousness.

Fire and Lightning, sometimes Lava Flow and Technologies such as street lamps, neon lights, arc welding and TV plasma screens all have Plasma. Plasma also makes up the cells in all living things. Plasma conducts electricity. Plasma is called a fluid because it can be made to flow. At the subatomic level Plasma flows and carries electricity in our cells and through our Body making all functions in the Body based on electricity, which is almost everything. Plasma is extremely self-organizing. Our Sun is made of Plasma. The Sun's inverted temperature gradient can be explained by the Electric Star theory because it conforms to an electric discharge within current filaments. The Sun is a gigantic electric arc. The energy of the Sun is focused from outside and not expelled from inside.

Computer simulation of the Sun's complex magnetic field on October 21, 2000.

Credit: Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory. Drs. Markus Aschwanden, Marc DeRosa, and Carolus Schrijver

Plasma is an electrodynamic phenomena. Space is  a vast Ocean of Plasma, and dominated by electromagnetic forces from the Cosmic scale down to the Quantum dimensional scale. Electromagnetism is what makes up the toroidal field of the Feedback Loop which is the flow of Matter in and out of the metric of Form and Formless which we call Self Awareness which is the definition of Consciousness. Self Awareness, in everything, even on the subatomic scale is Consciousness. We consider a constant for our Universe, because it is a Universe dictated by Light, to be the Speed of Light. At the subatomic level, the various components of our Universe are entangled by a direct and immediate natural force independent of time and space. Bioplasma is responsible for Human psychosomatic states; subconscious, unconscious and stress induced states. The speed of electromagnetic transmission by means of Plasma wave fields can vary in the range from zero to infinity, depending on the physical phenomenon causing these fields to exist. Because of that these subatomic speeds of spin, or spherical waveforms, in and out of the Feedback Loop are instantaneous.  All Matter or Light or Energy, All Form of all kinds is in a constant state of appearance and disappearance and this describes the Feedback Loop.

Knowledge means the the ability to perceive dimensionless existence. At Zero Dimension there is Infinite Knowledge. When you are able to integrate that information there is no limit to the Knowledge you can pull out of the Vacuum. Life is not about accumulating Knowledge. The ultimate goal is to Transcend the Knowledge. From the desire for Knowledge, Intelligence springs. It is an automatic recursive Feedback Loop. It still is not enough. Thinking through Meditation and Contemplation are the Path to Transcendence.

It is the Infinite Knowledge and the Self Awareness of Consciousness which defines how we are connected. We remain incomplete as a society because we still have not Ascended Off Planet. We have not integrated Space Travel as a society. When we consider our Universe and All That Is, a true Cosmic Worldview includes all Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life as our neighbors in a Galactic society. We are on the edge of forever. I hope we make it.

It seems to me, in the question of

1 + 1 = 2,

where the definition of 1 is the Universe and All That Is, by definition there is no such thing as 2.



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Earth is a garden to enjoy. It is time we learn to FLY. Ascend!   I

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