"The Universe contracts as gravity and expands as light. These two opposite electric conditions make up all matter and are the basis of all motion" - Elizabeth Trutwin.

Anatomy of a Black Hole:

Electro-Magnetic Emission, Spacetime Curvature, Vacuum, Ergosphere, Singularity, Charged (magnetic) Event Horizon, Gravity Wave.

Electro-Magnetic Emission

Electromagnetic waves are radio waves, visible light and gamma rays. They are the Seen and the Unseen. Black Holes emit visible X-Ray Light. In this NASA Chandra X-Ray image the blue spots are Black Holes. There is no Matter. There is no Dark Matter. There is only light. Plasma makes up 99.9% of everything and is not only ionized gas.

Black Holes emit visible X-Ray Light. In this NASA Chandra X-Ray image the blue spots are Black Holes.

Black Hole NASA X-Rays from Rossi Timing Explorer's Satellite made recordings which MIT converted into sound. The accretion disk of a Black Hole emits sound which has a rhythm just like a heartbeat. The Black Hole's infrared jets pulse like a heartbeat. Our Heart has a Black Hole at it's center, a singularity, many octaves dimension smaller than a Black Hole in Space.

We live in a dimensionless tonal Universe. The Harmony of the Spheres are the tones within a scalar musical system. The Galaxy is in frequency of 100 billion stars. Sound waves resonate within Black Holes and have been recorded as X-Rays and translated into sound. Vibrations are generated by the turbulence surrounding the Black Hole.

A recent new discovery about gamma rays coming from Black Holes says, “So astronomers were left baffled when they spotted powerful flashes of energy bursting out from the heart of a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy 260 million light years from Earth.

Measurements of this gamma ray 'lightning' showed it was travelling across the event horizon - the boundary where nothing can escape the intense gravity of the black hole - at rates that appeared to be faster than the speed of light.”

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology reports in this article, “Supermassive black holes don't give off any light themselves, but they are often encircled by disks of hot, glowing material. The gravity of a black hole pulls swirling gas into it, heating this material and causing it to shine with different types of light. Another source of radiation near a black hole is the corona. Coronas are made up of highly energetic particles that generate X-ray light, but details about their appearance, and how they form, are unclear.”

After careful scrutiny of the data, the astronomers realized they were seeing the ejection, and eventual collapse, of the black hole's corona.  "The corona gathered inward at first and then launched upwards like a jet," said Wilkins. "We still don't know how jets in black holes form, but it's an exciting possibility that this black hole's corona was beginning to form the base of a jet before it collapsed."

Spacetime (Spacememory) Curvature

Spacememory is where events are eternally recorded on the fabric of Space.     

In the words of Einstein,

“One can give good reasons why reality cannot at all be represented by a continuous field. From the quantum phenomena it appears to follow with certainty that a finite system of finite energy can be completely described by a finite set of numbers (quantum numbers). This does not seem to be in accordance with a continuum theory and must lead to an attempt to find a purely algebraic theory for the representation of reality.”

The Vacuum

What we call "matter" and "antimatter" are really the Seen and Unseen Vacuum fluctuations spinning constantly and infinitely through the Feedback Loop. These Vacuum fluctuations are coherent plasma Planck's which make up the Form and Formless Oneness we are. We are form and formless at the same time. All and Nothing at all. The Vacuum State or the Quantum State is infinitely everywhere. Celestial Bodies are made out of voxels and so is the Vacuum State. They are called Vacuum fluctuations and every one of them is fully Conscious and interacting with us because we are entangled.


The ergosphere section of the outer Event Horizon of a Black Hole is where energy may be extracted. The ergosphere around Earth is where we may harness zero point energy.

Ergosphere around Earth and all rotating bodies.

Singularity at the center of a Black Hole is where gravity goes to infinity.

Gravity emerges when objects warp the fabric of Space. Quantum entanglement, the "spooky" source of Einstein’s dismay, typically concerns tiny particles known as Planck Plasma Spheres that contribute infinitesimally to gravity. They are only spheres in the sense they are spinning. They are named after the Father of Quantum Physics, Maxwell Planck. Truly, gravity emerges from coherent Plancks spinning, curling and curving to infinity in every Black Hole on all scalar dimensions. These tiny particles are not Matter. They are light. They are Plasma.

Charged (magnetic) Event Horizon.

Coriolis type dynamics of the dual Toroidal manifold


Torque and Coriolis forces are the origin of spin. “Current standard theory assumes spin/rotation to be the result of an initial impulse generated in the Big Bang conserved over billions of years of evolution in a frictionless environment. Although this first theoretical approximation may have been adequate to bring us to our current advanced theoretical models, the necessity to better describe the origin and evolution of spin/rotation, in an environment now observed to have various plasma viscosity densities and high field interaction dynamics which is inconsistent with a frictionless ideal environment, may be paramount to a complete theoretical model. We do so by formulating torque and Coriolis forces into Einstein’s field equations and developing a modified Kerr-Newman solution where the spacetime torque, Coriolis effect and torsion of the manifold becomes the source of spin/rotation. Thus, incorporating torque in Einstein’s stress energy term may lead to a more comprehensive description of the dynamic rotational structures of organized matter in the universe such as galactic formations, polar jets, accretion disks, spiral arms, and galactic halos without the need to resort to dark matter/dark energy constructs. These additions to Einsteinian spacetime may as well help describe atomic and subatomic particle interactions and produce a unification of fundamental forces as preliminarily described in section five of this paper.

Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave

It has been proven in laboratory there are the conditions for a Schwarzschild Black Hole at the center of everything from the Quantum to the Cosmic. Planck's, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Atoms (sodium), Molecules (water), Human cells, our Heart (at the singularity), Planets, Stars, Suns, Galaxies, Quasars, Super Clusters, Supermassive Black Holes and Universes all have Black Hole conditions at their center.


“Nassim Haramein has calculated a geometric solution for the gravitational field. In his latest paper "Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass"

he describes gravity in a classical algebraic way by calculating the density of the space both within and on the outside of the event horizon of a proton.

The seemingly "empty" vacuum of space is actually a nearly infinitely dense super-fluid medium made of tiny tiny tiny little frothing bubbles of energy. Sometimes called the "quantum foam", each of these miniscule vibrations represents a spherical wave form, or quanta, that is the diameter of the smallest possible measurable distance, the Planck length. Haramein calls these tiny spherical information bits Planck spherical units or PSUs. The PSUs on the interior of the proton's event horizon pack together in a perfectly space-filling overlapping "3D" Flower of Life structure with each sphere's center being connected by a tetrahedral lattice geometry. The PSUs within the proton volume holographically project on the proton surface event horizon as "flat" equatorial circles in a "2D" flower of life tiling pattern.

In this image, the first equation describes the ratio between the proton surface area and the surface Planck circles showing that the number of equatorial circles on the Proton surface equals 10↑40 (10 to the 40 or 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Planck length diameter circles)

The second equation shows the number of Planck spherical units contained within the proton, which is 10↑60. In the third equation, the external surface horizon is divided by the internal volume and then multiplied by the Planck mass to give the total value of the proton mass. With a simple classical geometric calculation, Haramein obtains the mass of the proton according to the standard model, as measured from the outside, in the laboratory: 10↑-24 gm.

Haramein then calculates the external Planck circles divided by the internal Planck spheres to obtain the gravitational mass of the proton, which equals 10↑14 which is the exact amount of mass needed for the proton to obey what is called the the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole.

Protons are quantum scale black holes.

Gravity is a ratio of volume to surface area.”

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass.

Black Holes are at the center of everything from the Cosmic to the Quantum. The Galaxy and red blood cells each have a similar fundamental structure. This is due to the Toroidal flow of energy within every Black Hole.

The Milky Way Galaxy compared to a Human Red Blood Cell.

Human Cell X-Ray showing the Plasma Filaments and Coriolis Toroidal energy flow and Singularity of the Electro-Magnetic Emission of the Black Hole at it's center.

“Your geometry starts as a sphere before birth, then you become a dual Torus structure when you are 2 cells old, at 4 cells you have a tetrahedral bond between your cells, at 8 cells you are cubocohedral and eventually your cells divide at an incredible pace to maintain the highly complex and dynamic structure that you are as you read these words...” - Nassim Haramein




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