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Earth is a garden to enjoy. It is time we learn to FLY. Ascend!   I

                                                                                            BREATHEREAN - LIVING ON UNIVERSAL BREATH

I was breatherean for nine months. Nassim Haramein, in the video above, gives a detailed description of what being Breatherian means. It begins with cessation of eating food. The Sadhus in India doing this practice much of their lives, have been medically tested regarding the effects seen on the body. They are able to live their lives completely without eating food. This is a very pleasurable lifestyle. I will return to it in future. We have many reasons for eating food which greatly depend on our level of health and emotional state. Other times we chose to eat for social reasons. Being Breatherian takes great effort. As we meditate more and connect with Nature and the Cosmos it is an evolution of our own nature. There are several different ways to achieve this lifestyle. Here I will tell about Kechari Mudra.

Kechari, Shambhavi and Shanmukhi Mudra done together allow the body to become Breatherean.

‘Ka’ means Akasa and ‘Chari’ means to move. The Yogi moves in the Akasa, into Space, into the Etheric realm, the Vacuum. Supreme Consciousness.

The Ascension Mudra

It is said by the practice of this Mudra the Yogi is free from fainting, hunger, thirst and laziness. They are free from diseases, decay, old age and death.  As the body of the Yogi is filled with nectar, they will not die even if they ingest virulent poisons. This Mudra gives Siddhis to Yogis and Yoginas.

In the Kechari Mudra, the tongue is rolled backwards and upwards, during the inhalation, the tongue is pushed back as far as it can reach, past the hard palate and up into the soft palate.  Finally the tongue is inserted behind the soft palate and introduced in the nasopharyngeal cavity, with the purpose of reaching the base of the skull behind the posterior nasal orifices. Afterwards, the gaze is fixed on the center of the forehead between the brows. This arrangement is said to redirect the flow of prana from Ida, Pingala, to Sushumna, Hasta-jivha and Gandhari Nadis. Nadis are energy centers in the Body.

It is said in the Yoga Texts, that Kechari is the King of all Mudras.

The tongue has to be elongated to reach a point an inch above the roof of our mouth. This center is probably the most blissfully susceptible point in the human body. When the Yogi arrives at this spot, a mesmerizing feeling begins. This feeling evolves every day of practice and the unfolding takes the practitioner by the hand and shows him or her the magnificent Universe of the Self. Currents of Bliss and Ecstasy overwhelm the practitioner. A transformation takes place This Bliss causes a transmutation psychologically, bodily, and spiritually.

As you integrate this practice and you achieve your Ascension in the Body, you are doing the greatest World Service of your Life. When the whole of humanity practices Kechari Mudra, it will change all of Earth down to her Foundation. This is an astonishing jump in evolution which is necessary to change Earth society and evert our destruction.

Practitioners of Kechari Mudra, are transforming their entire environment and everyone is unknowingly taking advantage and reaping the benefit without knowing the reason. Kechari Mudra practitioners, without trying, absorb like a thirsty sponge, all negativity lodged in people’s minds and bodies. In exchange, they transmit luminous and powerful energy to people around them. This generous process of love will accelerate everyone’s enlightenment, progression and development. This happens automatically just by being in close contact with them. Be aware that if you are lucky enough to meet such a Yogi, you may feel many positive things in your mind and body but there will also be a painful operation happening alongside in which the Yogi removes bad karmas.  As a physical operation involves some physical pain, this spiritual cleanse as well, at the beginning, causes some emotional distress. After the removal of the karmas is complete, the person heals and energy begins to circulate freely in the three bodies. When you are close to such Yogi, just stay and do not get up off the operation table till the whole spiritual cancer has been removed.

Kechari Mudra is a personal experiment in the enlightenment process of the Yogi which leads to Ascension. The Yogi practicing it shares their energy and body health globally and without preferences. This process happens by itself. Nevertheless, the Kechari practitioner is absolutely happy to give, even if that implies that their own health and vitality may at some point in time be compromised. The Yogi does not care about the implications and impact on their own mental, emotional, and physical health. When he or she exchanges energy and karmas with others and this leads to illness for themselves, they are exceedingly happy. Whatever they are going through, if it is not their own ailment but someone else’s, this single fact, fills them with extreme joy. They understand the regenerative properties of the process.

The Kechari Mudra practice affects the nucleus of our personality, and the foundations of the ego are shocked. The shock is to such extent, that it may seem as if we are disappearing from the face of the Earth, and that is exactly what happens. This practice makes you disappear and then reappear as it opens the door to new Universes, so you can be reborn in a superior State of Coherence. This practice evolves fast, and in three years, you will be astonished with the results. Do not give up.

Kechari means, “To fly through the Vacuum.” That is exactly what we do. We actually dissolve into that expansive space, as particles of salt dissolve into water.


                                                                       Flying through the Vacuum in Formless Form. Supreme Consciousness.

Kechari will transport you into a world of perfect union, peace, and equanimity. The senses disappear and you will be lost, at first, in a land where time and space have never existed. You will fly high, and Bliss will highjack the mind by surprise. Kundalini will gradually untie the knots that keep you enslaved to individualism, which will not let you expand. It will show you that you are an expansive Self. Your inner proportions are immeasurable. Kechari Mudra will take you by the hand and push you to soar through the vastness of your own Self. Kechari unites the Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala at the Third Eye and produces ecstatic Bliss. This union transforms the central nervous system. This practice actually rewires the entire body and prepares it for immeasurable amounts of blazing light.

Kechari Mudra is the most powerful method of meditation that has ever existed. It is the heritage and birth right of every Yogi.


At the beginning stage, you have to roll your tongue back and touch, with the tip, the roof of your mouth. Get close to the vicinity of the borderline where the hard and soft palates meet. Kechari Mudra suctions energy from the first and second chakra, where sexual energy is manufactured by the body. It is best to save this energy, by the means of Vajroli Mudra and transmute it into spiritual power by practicing Kechari. Gradually try to reach the soft palate and strongly press it with the tip of your tongue. By working in this way, you will be able to reach the uvula. The uvula is the small second tongue at the back of your mouth.  Just behind it you will find the tendon. Penetrate it and enter the nasal pharynx. If you find this difficult, use your finger and do sutra neti. Sutra neti will help you stretch this tendon. Once you do this, try to bring your tongue back, with your finger if necessary and reach this tendon with the tip of your tongue. Now, go up into the nasal pharyngeal hole with some gentle force.

Soft palate and uvula.

Once the tongue is in the hole, finger assistance is no longer needed. You will be trouble-free, breathing through your nose while the tongue is inserted in the nasal pharyngeal cavity. As you are inside, you will probably be prone to exploration. Your eyes and nose could water a lot, sneezing may be present, and sometimes these symptoms could become extreme. That will gradually pass. Do not be alarmed. If this is bothering you too much, stop all milk products, and the cleansing process will

speed up and in a month or two, depending on how toxic you are, it will eventually stop altogether.  It is said that the Yogi who practices Kechari Mudra becomes youthful and full of energy, and aging slows down dramatically. You can expect many changes in the physical body and mind. During this profound cleanse, the emotions may be volatile initially until the practice purifies the nervous system and psyche. These side effects are impermanent and transitory. The pharynx is habitually lubricated by a thin mucous layer. When dry, it could be a little uncomfortable to hold this Mudra for long periods of time, but there will be no harm. The actual practice will, in due course, stimulate the gland to produce a moist environment for the tongue. If the pharynx is irritated and you have a sore throat, you may choose to skip the practice that day or a series of days. Nevertheless, if you can handle the stinging sensation, I recommend to keep practicing, as this too shall pass.

If the tongue is not well placed into the Samadhi position, and you go into a transcendental state, it may interrupt the flow of air and get you out of your altered state in a drastic manner. At some point, the breath may stop for large periods of time, however, the tongue has to be in the right position. Much controversy has been built around “the position of the tongue”. Because you will find different recommendations in different books, I would say, first explore a little to obliterate all doubts and find different acupressure points. Try to first touch the top, the highest point.  Here you will find the nucleolus of ecstasy. This point is actually under the pituitary, which in conjunction with other glands, will produce amrita or the nectar of immortality. Lanana chakra, which stores the nectar of immortality, is located above the uvula. This chakra correlates to the pituitary gland, which produces human growth hormone and luteinizing hormone among others. The Third Eye or Ajna chakra, which is behind Lanana chakra, is in the center of the brain and is linked to deep meditation states. The Vishuddhi chakra, which is in charge of processing the nectar of immortality, correlates with the thyroid gland, the pituitary and Lanana chakra. The pineal is a petite endocrine gland in the center of the brain. It manufactures serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland also affects the metabolism and sexual development. It emits melatonin in accordance with circadian rhythms, discharging more in the dark and less in the light.

Philosophy of the Ascension Mudra

René Descartes, who devoted a great deal of time to the study of the pineal gland, named it the “seat of the soul.” He alleged that the pineal was the center of connection, flanked by the intellect and the body. Descartes believed it to be a solitary segment of the brain not divided in two hemispheres.

The pineal gland works in synchronization with the hypothalamus gland, where it indicates to the body when it should drink, eat, and have sexual desire. It is a biological clock, which establishes the aging process. This is also interesting because Kechari Mudra practitioners and Sun Gazers, which in both cases have a bigger pineal gland, at some point become Breathereans, or do long fasts without being bothered by hunger, thirst or weakness. They can also control their sexual drive with no trouble and their aging process is slower that in normal individuals.


One should not feel pressured to try the Kechari Mudra before they are ready. This Ascension Mudra is helpful as our nature changes, having vigorously done our other inner work including the work of completely dissolving the ego. As we obtain greater heights in meditation, mantra, yoga and mudra work, Kechari Mudra integrates those into the highest heights. I present this information for those ready to explore their enlightenment.












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