"This Universe is made of Seen solids and liquids surrounded by Unseen gases of Space; matter and antimatter.

This is the basis of the Plasma Field from the Quantum to the Cosmic." - Elizabeth Trutwin.

We are launching our world into a whole new way to interact with Nature. The mere fact that we observe the biosphere all around us and the complexity of our Being in the biosphere, with the systems we see in the bioorganisms does not point to a random view of Nature. It points to an advanced system striving for coherence. Standard Physics very much wanted to get away from a Higher Power in Science. In doing so they made their own dogma. The Universe is very advanced and communicating with us. For example, a bee knows how to go to a flower. It knows how to deal with the flower so there will be more flowers. The whole system is in tune perfectly. This is what is called the 'fine tuning problem' in Physics. How is everything tuned perfectly for this to be happening? We see feedback everywhere in Nature. It is an expression of what is happening at the fundamental level.

There has been a separation in Standard Physics. On one hand is Einstein's Field Equations dealing with the Cosmological Physics. It deals with gravity, Stars and Universes. Quantum Theory describes subatomic particles, atomic structure, and they don't agree at all. Einstein described gravity, like a ball on a trampoline and another ball would be attracted. Einstein's Equation says Space is very smooth. On the Quantum side when we express the Physics of particles, we see everything is very quantized and very granular. They don't agree at all. Einstein was working on a way for Unification, looking for a way to describe gravity in Quantum Physics, looking for a way to describe the boundaries in Quantum Physics.

There are other ways we see separation in our societies. Men seem to think in more bounded ways. Women see things more as infinities. That division is happening in many ways in society. Like Science and how it thinks in bounded ways. Spirituality tends to think in infinities, like anything is possible.

The Connected Universe of the Unified Solution begins with describing the Black Hole. In the center of the Black Hole is a center of infinite gravity.

The connective tissue where the two come together is that Space is everywhere even at the Quantum Level.

Where Unified Physics comes together is the Planck Length.

As we develop compassion it changes how we interact with Nature. We see mass shifts to vegetarianism out of an increased awareness of the Animal Kingdom. More of the collective is involved with humanitarian causes. The consumption of organically grown plants for food have risen from an awareness of the environmental impact. We see great expansion of the use of solar panels and are moving to the end of petrol as a fuel source. Our exploration of new living systems is not random. We are a highly complex Beings within Nature looking at itself evolve as it comes into greater coherence with Nature.

Quantum Physics was born in 1900 with Max Planck publishing a study showing the “effect of radiation on a “blackbody” substance.” Max Planck showed through physical experiments under certain conditions energy can act as physical matter. His theory helped explain the Nature of light absorption on an atomic level. Unified Physics was born in 2010 when Nassim Haramein published a paper showing a proton radius meets the conditions for a Black Hole and that there is a Black Hole at the center of every Galaxy. Nassim Haramein unified Physics by showing us that the same conditions exist in Nature from the Quantum scale up to the Cosmic scale. He is fond of saying, ‘the big things are made from the little things.’  

Any place in Nature where we observe coherence we know Consciousness of advanced systems are involved. Science currently has no definition for Consciousness. Consciousness remains undefined. We observe the toroidal field at different scales in Nature; the petal placements of a rose, a whirlpool in the Sea, a Hurricane wind and the organization of a Galaxy.

There has been a separation in Standard Physics. Cosmological Physics deals with Einstein’s Field Equations. This is the fundamental interaction of gravitation as a result of spacetime being curved by mass and energy. It deals with gravity, Stars and Universes. Quantum Theory describes subatomic particles and atomic structure. Einstein's Equation says Space is very smooth and on the Quantum side particles are quantized and described as very granular. Cosmological Physics and Quantum Physics don't agree at all.  The torus field has been observed in everything in Nature from the Planck sphere, the smallest natural measure of light, to Super Clusters in Space.

The dynamic of the Planck oscillator putting information into a feedback loop is the Physics of Self Awareness. This flow of energy of Self Awareness through a singularity in the feedback loop is Consciousness.  

Nassim Haramein describes the place where Cosmological and Quantum Physics come together is that Space is everywhere even at the Quantum level. Where Unified Physics comes together is the Planck Length. Nassim Haramein often says: “With a Connected Worldview we will never feel separate again. We are connected to everything in the Universe.”

Where I take this model of the Connected Worldview a step further is where we acknowledge intelligent Beings in Space. The advanced Beings are called the Galactic Federation. When we acknowledge we are interacting with Extraterrestrials, we have a complete Connected Worldview. To quote Ellie Arroway from the movie Contact: “You know, there are four hundred billion stars out there, just in our galaxy alone. If only one out of a million of those had planets, and just one of out of a million of those had life, and just one out of a million of those had intelligent life; there would be literally millions of civilizations out there.”

As we continue to observe our Biosphere as Beings within a Galaxy we notice the chances of intelligent life advanced of ours on Earth is very good. As we increase our coherence toward these other civilizations out there we learn to ascend. We ascend off-Planet with the Extraterrestrial technologies which corporations have reengineered decades ago. We find new ways of propulsion by learning to control gravity. We have observed visiting intelligent life controlling gravity inside our Biosphere. Our government’s military members have videotaped such events. As we advocate for a political solution to this ghettoized humanitarian issue we will quickly advance science in a truly Connected Cosmic Worldview.



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