“Plasma Energy as Information from Black Holes transmits Energy as Information which is

geometrically specific and coded quantum waveforms, constantly through the Feedback Loop maintaining and enlivening all of Creation.”

- Elizabeth Trutwin

Consciousness has not been defined by Science. Consciousness is not found in the brain and the pineal gland is simply a crystal modulator for the antennae working with other organelles and biochemicals in a system.

Meditation will fine tune the receivers in your brain to gather and retain the highest information.

Let’s get a firm grip on the term Feedback Loop. Feedback Loops are found all throughout Nature. They are an integral part of our Bodies and the Planet. One example is when the Planet goes through a compressed part of the Galactic Equator, it heats up to add to the problem we have with carbon emissions. When the Planet heats up it triggers a Feedback Loop where automatically the Permafrost begins to melt.

Melting Habitat is a big problem for Wildlife dependent on the ice.

Another example of the Feedback Loop in nature is when we have a deep cut which is bleeding a lot, it triggers a Feedback Loop where automatically platelet cells are rushed to the injury site to stem the bleeding.

Holding pressure on the wound helps but the body has an automatic dynamic in place to heal itself.

When a hungry Baby cries his Mother hears it and that triggers an automatic Feedback Loop of the release of  biochemicals in her bloodstream which trigger the mammory glands to make more milk and a let down reflex in the nipple causing milk to drip into the baby’s mouth. Feedback Loops are a natural way to take care of automatic processes and they are found at every scale from small, like in the bloodstream, to large, like the Tundra’s Permafrost melting.

We find Consciousness everywhere in everything. It is in Space which is the ocean of  energy superfluid made up by the Planck Field which connects everything . We live within this field of equilibrium. It is through the dynamic force of the Feedback Loop in Space that everything we think, do and say goes into a Singularity and comes back out changed. This is how we make progress in our evolution. It is how we maintain homeostasis in our Body. It is this force which allows us to accurately remote view in meditation. All of this takes place faster than the Speed of Light. In fact, it is instantaneous. The Feedback Loop is a toroidal field of energy which is how the force of Consciousness moves through the Metric of Matter.

As an example, the force of taking in information from the Planck Field may be seen when we are driving a car and the car in front of us stops abruptly. We take that in through the Feedback Loop, into the Singularity, as our eyes get large, we gasp and our heartbeat increases. We process the information instantly and we put information back out through the Feedback Loop as our foot slams on our car’s brake. It is not the Planck Field where Consciousness is found. The Planck Field is a Field of Information constantly being recorded in Spacetime on Spacememory. It is the mechanism of the Feedback Loop at Singularity where the flow of the force going through the Singularity and coming back out creates Self Awareness, like when we recognize we must slam on the brakes. Self Awareness is Consciousness. Physicist Nassim Haramein says, “It is the flow of information through the metric of matter."

Our brain works as an antennae for the Planck Field. We receive transmissions of energy from the Planck Plasma Spheres which are constantly spinning. That spinning creates sound referred to as The Harmony of the Spheres and is a constant Plasma flow of highly ionized gas as light. It is similar to the sound and  light radiated by our Sun, only on a scale billions of times smaller than a Proton. It is because it is infinitely small that we do not sense these Plasma Balls of Light acting on our Body. This energy field carries all information. It is found in everything, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in our Blood Plasma, in everything.  The Crown Chakra at the top of our head also takes in transmissions of energy as fluctuations from the Planck Field through the mini Vacuum of Singularity which acts to cohere the High Energies coming into the top of our head to be integrated throughout our system. They come in as geometric patterns in the Atoms from Cosmic Rays. They also come into our ears as geometric patterns found in the Elements as sound.

The pineal gland works in partnership with the pituitary gland to store and ejaculate the brain chemicals such as naturally occurring DMT when we Meditate and go out of Body traveling in our Merkaba Body during Meditation. The System in place in the brain working as an antennae for energy transmissions is not where Consciousness is stored. It is simply a receiver in our Vehicle as the wifi in our car. Science is behind the times looking for Consciousness in our brains. Spiritually minded people are behind the times making too much of the pineal gland. Consciousness is found on the fabric of Space. It is found in the Feedback Loop dynamic of the Planck Field. It is found on Spacememory and can be recalled at those coordinates in Space. Every second we are accelerating a million miles forward of where we were in Space one second before as we hurl forward and spin around the Sun, Galaxy and Universe. Contemplate that.



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