"This Universe is made of Seen solids and liquids surrounded by Unseen gases of Space, matter and antimatter.

This is the basis of the Plasma Realm from the Quantum to the Cosmic." - Elizabeth Trutwin.

Nature works the same way in all scalar dimensions. Infinite and Finite are partners in a dancing spiral of fractals within a Finite Boundary. Plasma Filaments are found in Outer Space as Plasma fields. Plasma Filaments are found to make up our Sun and are seen on Earth as Lightning. In the Human Body Filament structures are seen in the Brain and the Heart as the Body itself is a bio oscillator crystal in a sync circuit with the Feedback Loop of the Structure of Space. Everything is connected from the Quantum, the subatomic structures in our cells, to the Cosmic striations found at the Scorpi Black Hole at Galactic Center.

Plasma Filament formed near the Scorpi Black Hole at Galactic Center.

Plasma Filaments make up our Sun, Sol.

We know the Brain emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves. Radio waves are always in our field all around us and they are found everywhere in Space, all Space, Inner Space on the Quantum Level and Outer Space millions of Light Years from Earth. Radio waves are everywhere. When we tune in a radio with a dial, like in our car, we pick which station we will listen to. It is our Emotional Body which is the tuner for what information we will take in through our Brain. It is an extremely intriguing Truth of how the Feedback Loop in the Structure of Space works. When we scan for mood music in our car, each frequency (radio station at a certain numerical setting) of music; pop, classical, metal, plays that type of vibration as you dial in each station. We choose to keep playing that music or not. As we are offered challenges in life we can choose to hold that Emotional State or not. Our Mind will tune into certain sets of information just like the radio gives you different style songs depending on what number your dial is on. Everything is a choice. Eckart Tolle says, “With awareness there comes choice. And so you are able to say: " I allow this moment to be as it is.” And then suddenly, where before there was irritation, there is now a sense of aliveness and peace. And out of that comes right action.” Being Aware of our Emotional State at all times, as well as carefully tuning the set of information you desire, is how to ‘Create Your Reality’ even though the Feedback Loop, half the time, is also ‘Creating You.’ All opposite effects of motion are simultaneous and instant.

Atomic water channel controlling remarkable properties of a single brain microtubule. Microtubules are hollow water filled rods approximately 25 nanometers in diameter. They undergo continual assembly and disassembly within a living cell and serve as long-distance "superhighways."

Plasma Energy is found everywhere in all scalar dimensions. Solids, liquids and gases all can be ionized and become immersed in a perpetually blowing, erupting, flaming substance   as corpuscles are immersed in Blood Plasma. Any Cell or minute body that is suspended in a fluid is called a Corpuscle; Blood Cells, ending of a Sensory Nerve Cell and a discrete particle such as a Planck Plasma Sphere, Electron, Photon, Ion, or Atom. All scalar dimension of Matter and Energy is corpuscular, that is a solid, liquid or gas floating within a Plasma environment. The Planck Plasma Sphere Ocean of Energy which is everywhere from the infinitely small to the infinitely big. All expression of Force is corpuscular. In the Vedas this is described as the Churning of the Ocean which is inconceivably small particles of Conscious Light. In the Feedback Loop of Form and Formless, One is Illusion and the other is First Cause. Light is corpuscular.

Plasma is incandescent luminosity and in the Human Body we know the intracellular organelles are bound by an omnipresence of bilayer membrane of fusion and fission. This shows us a Coriolis effect is structuring and organizing Plasma within the subatomic Space in Human Cells. The Hydration Force works with the Oscillatory Force for dissolution of ions in water within our Bodies. Liquid molecules Structure into very ordered layers. Dissolution Forces called “Solvation Forces” arise when there is a disruption in this ordering like when water ionizes. Even with Electron Microscopes we are still working on defining these processes.

Human Nerve Cell Corpuscles in a Water Medium of Plasma Photoelectric Phenomena on the Quantum Dimensional Scale.

So how can Plasma, which we think as Fire, Lava and Lightning exist inside the Human Body? This can be described by Black-body radiation which depends only on a Body’s temperature, which when uniform and constant, around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, supports a Plasma. In a thermodynamic equilibrium such as the Human Body, there is a specific spectrum and intensity where thermal electromagnetic radiation within a surrounding body is emitted by a Black-body. It is called Black-body because it is infrared energy which cannot be seen by the Human Eye. This Paper describes in depth how a Planck Plasma stays in equilibrium within the Feedback Loop which we know to be the Form and Formless parts of our Absolute Self:  “According to Newtonian mechanics and Planck’s conjecture, the interaction of a positive with a negative Planck mass particle leads to a velocity fluctuation δ ̇ = aptp = c, with a displacement of the particle equal to δ = (1/2)aptp2 = rp/2, where ap = Fp/mp. Therefore, a Planck mass particle immersed in the Planck mass plasma makes a stochastic quivering motion.”  

Walter Russell says, “Man must “think in light,” his thinking must be in terms of electro-magnetic periodicities which measure all motion, for of such is he himself and nothing else.” We can only view this through the lens of the Structure of Space. Inner and Outer Space. The Feedback Loop is like a pendulum being either at rest or swinging back to equilibrium, again and again continuously. An example in our Body is in Cerebrospinal Fluid where there is a superimposed rise and fall in cerebrospinal pressure associated with respiration. We see this in physics as gravitation and radiation and appearance and disappearance of Planck Plasma Spheres (PSU) as they spin as fluctuations in the Quantum Vacuum.


Pulsing Cerebrospinal Fluid Maintaining Appearance and Disappearance of Planck Plasma in The Nervous System.

Meditation is the number one top personal practice anyone can do to improve their life on every level. When you Meditate, you go into the Feedback Loop at the Singularity in your Heart. This is the place inside your Body where you have access to Infinite Information. It is through the process of Meditation that you are able to access the Structure of and coordinates to SpaceMemory. Some people have called this the Akashic Records. It is so much more than that. It is every answer to every question which can ever be known. When you Meditate every single day, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes, you program your Eternal Absolute Self to Download you with more Intelligence. Eventually you will Transcend this level of existence in the Body. You are a Light Body.

Eventually you will Transcend this level of existence in the Body.

The Brain is like an antennae. According to Physicist Nassim Haramein: ‘Microtubules are like highly tuned antennae filaments oscillating in a water molecule producing Hydrogen Plasma because a single molecule is going through them. This fundamental network is actually interacting with the Structure of Spacetime tuning in to the dynamics of the Vacuum. The Brain is a highly efficient Water Plasma antennae. The sync circuit, which is the pulsing of the Cerebrospinal Fluid, obeys mathematically the same conditions as a Black Hole.’

A mathematical Black Hole where 2 times the Gravitational Constant by the Mass of the sync circuit is spinning at the Speed of Light. Being in an Ecstatic State of Mind at the beginning of everyday, where you go into Stillness to interact with the Structure of Space, is a very good place to start before entering the External World. You Download the Energy and Purpose of the Day and spin Coherently. As Conscious Light “thinking in light.” Self Awareness as Consciousness.








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